Stroke Update

It has been five days since my MRI, and just three days since I learned that I’m a stroke victim. The more time passes, the more questions arise. I saw my OB on Friday to discuss the events of my past pregnancies and birth control pills. She stated that the pill I was on was one that was often given to those prone for stroke because it contains no estrogen. (Sorry if this is TMI, but I don’t know how else to explain without, well, explaining.) So, she felt that the pill likely had no contribution to my stroke. As I explained the end of my pregnancy with Sophie, for she was not my doctor at that point in time, she still felt that my blood pressure being only slightly outside the normal range and the fact that I passed tests for pre-eclampsia would make it unlikely that I stroked at that time. However, unless I had a blood pressure spike that I’m unaware of and never felt, or I have a clotting disorder that I’m unaware of, then that’s the only time I know for sure that my blood pressure was elevated. (For me, it was VERY high at that point, even though it was just outside the range considered “normal.”) In my mind, Sophie’s story just got a whole lot more miraculous. To me, given the info that I have right now, it’s most likely that my stroke occurred during her final weeks in utero. Until I see the neurologist, and even then, we may never know if that’s the case.

What this doesn’t explain is why my dizziness showed up to stay on Sept 7, 2015 and has not improved since that point. This doesn’t explain why I’ve had three episodes of sheer vertigo in the past two years. Perhaps seeing the neurologist will shed some light on why, three and a half years later, my coordination is deteriorating. The appointment with neurology is, unfortunately, still pending. The doctors’ office is having a hard time finding a place that can accept me before November. You would think at 32 I’d make an interesting case study. But I guess they’re just busy people.

If I am on your prayer list, please lift up these requests:

*that my appointment date with neurology would be as soon as possible with the neurologist that God selects
*that I would continue to adjust to the constant dizziness and maintain care of my children and home in a safe manner
*that my symptoms would diminish and that I would be strengthened and healed
*that I would not miss any opportunities that God has for me to testify for his goodness in the midst of this

I am confident that God is using my life for his glory, and so I’m content with that. I’m not walking around expecting to stroke out at any moment. I recognize God’s protection on me, and on my daughter, is even greater than I ever realized. His truth remains constant even when my feelings wobble. Thanks for upholding us in your prayers!


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4 Responses to Stroke Update

  1. Carla Crosby

    Prayers for you, for Sophie and your dear little family!

  2. Mom

    I and several others I have talked to here are praying for an appointment to open up in the next two weeks. The Bible says we can ask God for anything, and to ask Him for something that seems humanly impossible is precisely the kind of prayer He honors. Keep your schedule open. Love you!!! <3

    • Janet Adalem

      I just found out about your stroke situation. Heavy heart, as i relate to general experiences of mentally and emotionally processing through living with symptoms, the medical system, making decisions, and waiting for appts. I am praying along with your mom for an appt, your health and for your family. <3

  3. Becky Hill

    My prayers are with your beautiful family and your young life that this is just a valley in your life right now, and that our glorious God hears all the prayers of this life situation you and your family are dealing with now..