This is a personal blog in which you may read all types of posts about my adventures as a mommy and a follower of Christ.


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  1. Catherine- My heart goes out to you as I have sporadically followed your journey. (Deb McKee forwards some posts on to me knowing my focus as a former school and public health nurse. (Also I know your parents- my husband Gary – has been their doctor). You are not alone my dear. And God is using you and your family to speak to His people. Keep sharing your heart. Iā€™d love to be added to your mailings. Praying for you and your family including your parents. JoAnn Frantz

    • Thank you so much JoAnn! I know exactly who you are! šŸ™‚ I appreciate your encouragement and support. You can sign up to receive new blog posts via email at the top of my website. Blessings – CB