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Baby Update No. 1


We’ve passed the first trimester already! And with it has passed the morning sickness! I’ve had some energy return, and it’s been easier to function, not feeling so nauseated all the time. Now I am trying to remember to eat frequently so that I’m not overtaken by HANGER. Every pregnancy this catches me by surprise. I finish the constant snacking stage of morning sickness and resume regular eating habits only to be shocked at my emotional breakdowns simply because I’ve gotten too hungry.

I’ve heard baby’s heartbeat twice now and cried both times. Some may call me hormonal, but I say that my heart knows the abundant grace of God who has lavished this undeserved and unexpected blessing on my life. I’m overwhelmed by his goodness to me. In many ways it still doesn’t seem real.

So far I’ve managed to skate by without being categorized as “high risk.” My blood pressure remains very good, and I have had no issues with vertigo, other than the occasional moment, which is not uncommon in my day to day. My initial ultrasound looked very good, and baby has a strong heart rate. I saw our sweet little peanut moving around, at just 7 weeks gestation. Sweet, sweet life. So tiny.

Even though everything is going really well with the pregnancy, I am still being referred to a specialist at the end of January for my 20 week appointment. This is entirely because of my history. My doctor has assured me that this is only a precaution, and that it will likely be a one-time visit. If things should not go well, the specialist will keep me on for the remainder of my pregnancy. We will be on the look out for high blood pressure, which was likely the culprit of my stroke during my first pregnancy. I appreciate your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

Sophie and Micah are very excited about the baby. They both would like a girl-baby. I have tried to prepare them for the possibility that they may get a boy-baby, but they remain convinced. They have ordered a girl-baby. We are still trying to decide if we will find out baby’s gender in January or if we will wait until June 19. 28 weeks to go!


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