Into Sophie’s World: My Apraxic Girl’s Learning Milestone

Learning, without the verbal ability to express it, is tough. We haven’t been able to teach Sophie little songs or rhymes, or use repetition that seemed to have any lasting impact. Because Sophie couldn’t verbalize any of it. We’ve talked about things like, colors, letters and numbers, days and months, for three and a half years. Colors and shapes caught on first, because they were easily recognizable visually. But letters and numbers have been our Everest these past several years. But no more. Sophie knows her alphabet!!
sophie_lettersSomewhere in the past couple of weeks, Sophie’s speech light bulb has turned on. She’s finally talking (though not always intelligibly). She’ll try to say just about anything. I’ve waited for so long for the switch to flip, for her words to come. And here they are. We’ve been so excited to hear Sophie attempting speech!sophie_aI have been blown away by the understanding and learning that have been revealed by Sophie’s newfound speech. She’s been hearing songs, watching phonics shows, doing letter puzzles, and playing with the alphabet train for months, but we had no idea what was soaking in. This week at bath time, I got out the foam letters (after hearing her “sing” along to the alphabet song on the TV). I quizzed her on random letters, all 26 of them, and she knew all but maybe 3. I’m so proud of her in this moment, I just had to share it with all her people. I know that most kids learn this information at a much younger age, but without speech, that’s been really hard for Sophie. sophie_bIt’s amazing to hear so much of what’s been trapped in Sophie’s sweet little head come pouring out as she learns to speak. Speech is still tough, and her sounds aren’t very precise. But we absolutely will take it. I’m so very proud of my girl! Thank you Jesus for speech!sophie_c

  1. This is such amazing news, Catherine! So excited to hear it! Sharing in your joy! I am impressed by what a dedicated momma you have been, making sure she has had every opportunity to learn what she has, even though you could not HEAR all that she was learning. And now you are finally hearing the reward of your labors, not to mention just the shear joy of hearing her words. Thank you, God, for everything you have done, are doing and will continue to do in and through your precious Sophie! Yahoo!

  2. I have just come across your blog through someone on an Apraxia Facebook page. You are an extremely articulate writer!!!!! You have put into words so exquisitely well how I feel about my own Lucy! I can’t wait for my sweet girl’s “speech lightbulb” to come on. (she’ll be 3 in January). I love how you intertwine how God is growing your faith in your journey <3

    • Thank you so much Deirdre, I’m so glad you found me! I appreciate your kind words. I will be praying for sweet Lucy, that her speech lightbulb turns on very soon! Hugs!!